Tuesday, 13 May 2014

gordon gano - (im)pure charisma

he pleads
he needs
he’s on his knees
he pants
he purrs
he prays

he lies
he pacifies

he’s free
he sells
he pays

part-serpent in the garden
part-jesus on the cross
he slithers and he suffers
for everything we’ve lost

only listen

so intense
he’s so insistent
this eternal adolescent
in the picture in my head
i never was a follower
but by him i could be led

leans in close to whisper
stammers to a sigh
sinks to quiet menace
and meets the camera’s eye
at once he’s kind of innocent
twice he’s sort of sly

a warning and a siren
leads you down
and leads you on
with a shout, he is triumphant
he can trump you
with a song

mutters and he stutters
mumble rises to a scream
so affected
so affecting
this breathless sexy teen

[whispers and he wonders
accuses and condemns
but merciful and mischievous
he saves you yet again

roars and rises from the ashes
phoenix soaring from the flame
he would be your gordon gano
and you would be born again]

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